African Association of Sport Fishing

African Association of Sport Fishing

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African Association of Sport Fishing

Awaiting approval of recognition application by :

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The Association was founded on June 12, 2021 during a virtual meeting and is named, Association Africaine de Pêche Sportive (A.A.P.S.) – African Association of Sport Fishing.

It is the aim and purpose of A.A.P.S. to coordinate the hosting of F.I.P.S. sanctioned Championships and African International Competitions for African nations to participate.
The A.A.P.S. takes aim in collaboration with all national federations within the African Continent, to develop sport angling in the Africa Continent. A.A.P.S. also works for conservation of fish species in the sea, freshwater & fly fishing, and their environment. In order to reach its purpose, the Federations which practice Sport Fishing but are not a member of C.I.P.S.

Sport fishing is also known as recreational fishing, but the focus is on participation in competitions.

Sportfishing includes the use of hooks, fishing rods, or reels.
The practice of catching or attempting to catch fish with a hook is known as angling.

Sport fishing is practice on an individual basis as well as in teams.

The African Nations recently delivered top performances at Championships.

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The African Association of Sport Fishing will be hosting annually sport fishing competitions as part of the African Sport Fishing League.

The League Competitions will be organized in all the various angling disciplines practiced by the Nations of the African Continent.

The winners of the League Competitions will be crowned as the African Sport Fishing League Champions in the specific angling discipline.


The 4th Masters Surf Casting World Championships was hosted by the country of Tunisia at Hammamet, in Tunisia over the period 11th …

The South African Protea Long Distance Casting team consisting out of 4 casters participated in the 23rd Long Casting of Sea Weights World Championships …

Tunisia will be the host for the 4th World Championship Shore Angling Masters Tunisia 2021 which will be hosted over the period …


Mr. Andries Maree

Dr. Nabil Jellazi
Vice President

Mr. Mohamed Kaddah
Vice President

Mrs. Annetjie Lubbe
Secretary General/ Treasurer